Piano Hire

Are you looking for professional piano hire?

Swans music can provide piano hire across the UK. We have a large range of upright, grand, electric and digital pianos for you to choose from, alongside electronic keyboards and organs.

Our hire stock includes:

Yamaha AvantGrand N3

Feel and experience a hitherto unattainable piano performance from this stunning and elegant instrument.

Dimensions – Width 148cm (58-5/16″), Height 101cm (39-15/16″), Lid up : 173cm (68-1/4″), Depth 119cm (47-1/16″). Weight 199kg (438lbs., 12oz.)

With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. With a keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of a concert grand piano, it has a stunningly authentic tactile response. A spatial acoustic speaker system delivers a flawless sound.

Pauline Vilensky

On stage at the V Festival

Bluthner 5’5”

The dynamic range of the instrument responds well to professional requirements, providing an astonishing fullness of tone where space is restricted. The system of stringing used on some Bluthner pianos in which over half or more of the compass, an extra, unstruck string is added to each note, improves the tone and sustaining qualities of the instrument.

Bluthner 4

Bluthner (1)

Yamaha C3

Yamaha C3 available in black or white

This stunning piano is available in black or white. Length: 186 cm, width: 149 cm, height: 101 cm, weight: 317 kg.

Yamaha C7 Midi

Yamaha C7 Midi

Long a preferred choice of knowledgeable pianists, Yamaha C series grand pianos set the standards by which other grands are measured. The piano is midi and can be flight cased. 88 keys, 3 pedals (centre pedal: sostenuto). Length: 227 cm (7′ 6″), width: 155 cm (61″), height: 102 cm (40 1/2″), weight: 409 kg (900 lbs), finish: polished ebony.

Yamaha U1

Yamaha U1

A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured

Fender Rhodes Stage Piano

The stage model features detachable legs (parts from a Fender pedal steel guitar), a sustain pedal and pushrod (part of a Rogers hi-hat stand), and a simplified front panel with only volume and bass EQ controls.

Yamaha CP70B

Swans Music are pleased to announce that we now have a flight cased Yamaha CP70B available for hire. The CP70B has an improved action and balanced outputs.This classic instrument of the 80’s is still very much sort after.

Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand

The ‘Imperial’ is known worldwide for its unsurpassed power and richness of sound. It is the only concert grand with nine sub-bass notes – down to bottom C – which give it a full, eight octave compass. From the most demanding piano concerto to the most delicate Lieder recital, the model 290 is designed to provide perfect balance and precision. 97 keys, length: 9’6″, width: 5’9″, weight 1225 lbs.

Blue Piano

It’s an old Victorian banger that we took to bits, threw the inside away and replaced with the a digital seven and a quarter octave, touch sensitive piano.

Midi in/out/thru.

With matching stool, I can confidently say that this instrument is unique!

Its been to some top gigs as well!

Hammond C3 and Leslie Speaker

The inimitable sound of Procol Harum. Complete with bench and bass pedal keyboard it weighs approximately 425 pounds and qualifies the travelling jazz organist for a second business, furniture transports!

Kurzweil PC88

88-note, two piece weighted keyboard, with mono pressure.
Controllers: pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel sliders, 3 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable), 4 continuous control pedal inputs, 2 footswitch inputs, mono pressure. There are 16 voices including Classical Piano Stage Piano Classic E Piano Digital E Piano Electric Grand Piano.

On this demo, we have a split keyboard with electric bass in the left hand.


Dummy Grand Piano

A 6’0 grand piano with the iron frame and strings removed.

The keyboard is complete.

It is much lighter than the real thing!!

On the beach at Ainsdale.
On the beach at Ainsdale.

Enjoy piano playing at any event with piano hire from Swans Music: 01565 873 044